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4.249. python-rhsm

An updated python-rhsm package that fixes multiple bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The python-rhsm package contains a small library for communicating with the representational state transfer (REST) interface of a Red Hat Unified Entitlement Platform. This interface is used for the management of system entitlements, certificates, and access to content.

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, the firstboot utility was trying to set an erroneous environment variable LANG=us. As a result, firstboot was unable to start properly. With this update, the C locale is now used as the fallback locale so that the problem does not occur anymore.
If a user name containing a white space was submitted during the registration process in the Subscription Manager, an incorrect error message was displayed. This problem has been fixed in this update so that the correct error message "Invalid credentials" is now displayed.
If a subscription was selected in the My Subscriptions tab in the Subscription Manager, and then the Unsubscribe button was pressed, an error occurred. With this update, the problem has been fixed so that the unsubscribe function in the Subscription Manager now works, as expected.
The /etc/rhsm/ca/candlepin-stage.pem, /etc/rhsm/ca/fakamai-cp1.pem, and /etc/rhsm/ca/redhat-uep.pem certificates have been moved to the updated python-rhsm package so that it is now possible for python-rhsm to register with the hosted Candlepin system.
If the rhsmcertd daemon received information about an existing update, but no products were installed, an exception occurred. Also, if the virt-who agent attempted to update the guest systems of a host, but there were no guest systems available, an exception occurred.
All users of python-rhsm are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.