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4.193. NetworkManager-openswan

An updated NetworkManager-openswan package that fixes various bug is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
NetworkManager-openswan contains software for integrating the Openswan VPN software with NetworkManager and the GNOME desktop.

Bug Fixes

When an openswan VPN is established, the NetworkManager applet did not display any notification (login banner) and the error message, "Error getting 'Banner'", was logged. With this update, NetworkManager now displays the connection establishment notification as a tooltip for the NetworkManager icon.
Prior to this update, networkmanager-openswan did not provide an export feature. Due to this, it was not possible to save the configuration settings in a file. This update adds this feature and now it is possible to export configuration settings to a file.
Prior to this update, NetworkManager could not properly track the status of an openswan VPN. Consequently, when an openswan VPN was disconnected, NetworkManager did not remove the VPN padlock icon. This update fixes this issue and now the VPN padlock icon is removed after an openswan VPN connection is terminated.
All users of NetworkManager-openswan are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.