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4.143. libsemanage

Updated libsemanage packages that fix file creation when umask is changed.
The libsemanage library provides an API for the manipulation of SELinux binary policies. It is used by checkpolicy (the policy compiler) and similar tools, as well as by programs such as load_policy, which must perform specific transformations on binary policies (for example, customizing policy boolean settings).

Bug Fix

When running semanage commands while umask is set to 027 (or to a similar value that restricts a non-priviledged user from reading files created with such a file-creating mask), semanage changed the permissions of certain files such as the /etc/selinux/mls/contexts/files/file_contexts file. As a consequence, non-priviledged processes were not able to read such files and certain commands such as the restorecon command failed to run on these files. To solve this problem, libsemanage has been modified to save and clear umask before libsemanage creates context files and then restore it after the files are created so the file permissions are readable by non-priviledged processes. Operations on these context files now work as expected.
All users of libsemange are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix this bug.