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4.116. kdebase-workspace

Updated kdebase-workspace packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
KDE is a graphical desktop environment for the X Window System. The kdebase-workspace packages contains utilities for basic operations with the desktop environment. It allows users for example, to change system settings, resize and rotate X screens or set panels and widgets on the workspace.

Bug Fixes

If the KDE and GNOME desktop environments were both installed on one system, two System Monitor utilities were installed as well. These, located in System Tools of the Applications menu, had the same icons and title, which may have confused the user. With this update, KDE icons are used for the ksysguard tool.
Prior to this update, the ksysguard process terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault after clicking the OK button in the Properties dialog of the Network History tab, which is included in the ksysguard application. This bug has been fixed in this update so that ksysguard no longer crashes and works properly.
Previously, when rebooting the system, the kdm utility terminated with a segmentation fault if auto-login was enabled. This was caused by a NULL password being sent to the master process, which has been fixed, and rebooting the system with auto-login enabled no longer causes kdm to crash.
When clicking Help in the Battery Monitor Settings dialog of the Battery Monitor widget, the message "The file or folder help:/plasma-desktop/index.html does not exist" appeared instead of displaying the help pages. This update adds the missing help pages, which fixes the problem.
All users of kdebase-workspace are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.