4.10. attr

Updated attr packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The attr packages provide extended attributes, which can be used to store system objects like capabilities of executables and access control lists, as well as user objects.

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, the setfattr utility could not restore the original values of the attributes when the "getfattr -e text" or "getfattr --encoding=text" command was used to dump attributes with embedded null characters. This update fixes the encoding of these values in getfattr to prevent information loss.
Prior to this update, the getfattr utility followed symbolic links to directories even if the "-h" or "--no-dereference" option was specified. Additionally, the description in the getfattr(1) man page that related to this functionality was misleading. This update fixes getfattr with the "-h" option so that it no longer follows the symbolic links and the related content of the getfattr(1) man page is now correct.
Prior to this update, the getfattr utility did not return a non-zero exit code when an attribute specified in the "getfattr" command did not exist. This update fixes getfattr so that it now returns a non-zero exit code when an attribute does not exist.
Prior to this update, supported methods for encoding values of the extended attributes were not properly described in the setfattr(1) man page. This update adds the appropriate descriptions of the encoding methods to the setfattr(1) man page.
Prior to this update, the project web page address as stated in the package specification did not reflect the change of the upstream project web page address. This update corrects the project web page address in the package specification.
Prior to this update, the attr library was built without support for read-only relocations (RELRO) flags. With this update, the library is now built with partial RELRO support.
All users of attr are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.