Chapter 16. Graphics

The X server shipped in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 has been updated to the upstream 1.10 X server and the upstream Mesa 7.11 releases. The X server had internal structure changes that required updating all video and input drivers. In addition, the kernel graphics support has been updated to include new hardware support and bug fixes.

Improved support for ATI/AMD GPU series HD2xxx, HD4xxx, HD5xxx, FirePro. Support added for new HD6xxx series, new model in the FirePro series and new mobile GPU HD6xxxM series.


Support has been added for Intel's next generation class of chipsets.


2D/Xv acceleration is now supported on GeForce GT2xx (and Quadro equivalents). Suspend/resume support has been improved.

X server

RandR-enabled drivers (Intel, Nouveau, Radeon) now confine the cursor to the visible area of the screen in asymmetric multihead configurations.

The Composite extension is now functional when Xinerama is used to span a single desktop across multiple GPUs.
X server configuration may now be managed with configuration file snippets under /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ in addition to /etc/X11/xorg.conf itself. input device configuration in these snippets applies when the device becomes available to the X server at runtime.
Refer to the 1.10 X server upstream announcement for additional information:

See the Mesa 7.11 upstream announcement for release notes: