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2.42. RHEA-2011:0576 — new package: spice-vdagent

A new spice-vdagent package is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The new spice-vdagent package provides a SPICE agent for Linux guests.

Bug Fixes

The new spice-vdagent package allows for client window mode, automatic X session resolution adjustment to the client resolution, and copy and paste support for text and images between a guest's active X session and the SPICE client operating system.
guest resolutions were not automatically aligned when multiple monitors were used. This update corrects the monitor settings. Now, the vdagent automatically aligns the guest resolution for one and more monitors.
All SPICE virtual machines users should install this new package, which adds these features. Note: guests must be rebooted after installing this package for the changes to take effect.