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2.38. RHEA-2011:0671 — new package: scons

New scons packages as well as new mingw32-* packages, which provide dependencies for building the Matahari agents for Windows guests, are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Matahari is a set of APIs for operating system management that are exposed for remote access over the Qpid Management Framework (QMF).
This enhancement update adds new scons and mingw32 dependency packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 as a Technology Preview. These packages provide the mingw32 compiler dependencies needed to cross-compile Matahari agents for Windows. (BZ#658833)
More information about Red Hat Technology Previews is available here:
The complete list of packages provided by this update is as follows:
* scons
* mingw32-binutils
* mingw32-boost
* mingw32-bzip2
* mingw32-dlfcn
* mingw32-expat
* mingw32-filesystem
* mingw32-gcc
* mingw32-gettext
* mingw32-glib2
* mingw32-gnutls
* mingw32-iconv
* mingw32-libgcrypt
* mingw32-libgpg-error
* mingw32-libxml2
* mingw32-libxslt
* mingw32-nsis
* mingw32-pcre
* mingw32-pthreads
* mingw32-qpid-cpp
* mingw32-readline
* mingw32-runtime
* mingw32-sigar
* mingw32-srvany
* mingw32-termcap
* mingw32-w32api
* mingw32-zlib
All users who need to cross-compile Matahari agents for Windows should install these packages, which provide this enhancement.