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2.10. RHEA-2011:0624 — new package: ipa-pki-theme

A new ipa-pki-theme package is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
ipa-pki-theme provides IPA theme components for PKI packages.
The Certificate System (CS) manages enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployments and requires a theme for the specific type of PKI deployment with which it is used. Previously, no PKI theme existed for Identity, Policy, Audit (IPA) deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This new package makes an IPA theme available for CS, and therefore makes it possible for users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to use CS to manage IPA deployments.
Important -- this theme is mutually exclusive with the PKI themes for other types of PKI deployments, such as dogtag-pki-theme for Dogtag Certificate System deployments and redhat-pki-theme for Red Hat Certificate System deployments. (BZ#643543)
Users who want to use CS to manage IPA deployments are advised to install this new package.