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2.5. RHEA-2011:0562 — new package: ding-libs

New ding-libs packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Ding-libs is a set of helpful libraries used by SSSD and other projects.
Ding-libs provides utility functions to manipulate filesystem pathnames (libpath_utils), a hash table which dynamically resizes to achieve optimal storage and access time properties (libdhash), a data type to collect data in a hierarchical structure for easy iteration and serialization (libcollection), a dynamically growing, reference-counted array (libref_array), and a library to process configuration files in initialization format (INI) into a library collection data structure (libini_config).
This enhancement update adds the ding-libs packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (BZ#644073)
All users requiring ding-libs are advised to install these new packages.