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4.8. Devices

  • The Emulex lpfc driver should not be unloaded. If the driver is unloaded, a system crash might occur.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 only has support for the first revision of the UPEK Touchstrip fingerprint reader (USB ID 147e:2016). Attempting to use a second revision device may cause the fingerprint reader daemon to crash. The command
    lsusb -v -d 147e:2016 | grep bcdDevice
    will return the version of the device being used in an individual machine.
  • The Emulex Fibre Channel/Fibre Channel-over-Ethernet (FCoE) driver in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 does not support DH-CHAP authentication. DH-CHAP authentication provides secure access between hosts and mass storage in Fibre-Channel and FCoE SANs in compliance with the FC-SP specification. Note, however that the Emulex driver (lpfc) does support DH-CHAP authentication on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, from version 5.4. Future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 releases may include DH-CHAP authentication.
  • The recommended minimum HBA firmware revision for use with the mpt2sas driver is "Phase 5 firmware" (i.e. with version number in the form 05.xx.xx.xx.) Note that following this recommendation is especially important on complex SAS configurations involving multiple SAS expanders.