7. Installation

Installation and boot support is added in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 for the Emulex 10GbE PCI-E Gen2 and Chelsio T4 10GbE network adapters. Additionally, the GRUB bootloader is updated with support for booting volumes with a 4KB sector size on UEFI systems.
The installer in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 will detect unsupported hardware platforms and provide a notification to the user. The installation will continue, but the following message is displayed
This hardware (or a combination thereof) is not supported by Red Hat. For more information on supported hardware, please refer to http://www.redhat.com/hardware.

Improved support for iSCSI adapters

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 features improved support for iSCSI adapters at installation and boot time, including the ability to separate login credentials for iSCSI storage during installation and support for offload iSCSI adapters (e.g. the Emulex Tiger Shark adapter).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 supports installation over iSCSI using auto-detection of BIOS iSCSI settings in iBFT. However, reconfiguration of the iBFT settings after installation was not possible. In Red Hat enterprise Linux 6.1, TCP/IP settings and iSCSI initiator configuration are dynamically configured from iBFT settings during boot time.