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B.20.2. RHEA-2010:0904 — fence-agents enhancement update

An updated fence-agents package that adds support for new hardware and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is now available.
Red Hat fence agents are a collection of scripts to handle remote power management for several devices. They allow failed or unreachable nodes to be forcibly restarted and removed from the cluster.
The package has been updated to provide a fencing agent that is able to communicate with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager, allowing virtual machines to be fenced.
For Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) devices, the "power_wait" delay can now be adjusted in order to support newer iLO 3 firmware.
Brocade 200E, Brocade 300, Brocade 4100, Brocade 4900, and Brocade 5100 fencing devices are now supported by the fence_brocade agent, and can be used with both Red Hat High Availability and Red Hat Resilient Storage.
All users requiring any of the features listed above are advised to upgrade to this new package, which adds these enhancements.