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B.51.2. RHBA-2010:0951 — lvm2 bug fix update and enhancement

Updated lvm2 packages that fix several bugs and add an enhancement are now available.
The lvm2 packages contain support for Logical Volume Management (LVM).
Bug Fixes
Merging of a snapshot volume caused I/O errors to be issued during a reboot. After the reboot the snapshot volume (snapshot of an LV where the root file system resides) was still present and it appeared as if the merge operation was still in progress. With this update, the errors no longer occur and the snapshot merge completes cleanly.
The optimizer for the regex filter defined in the LVM2 configuration (the 'devices/filter' setting) did not work correctly when using the 'or' operator. This resulted in improper filtering of devices. With this update, the application of the regex filter works as expected.
Previously, the 'vgchange' command did not allow the '--addtag' and '--deltag' arguments to be used simultaneously. With this update, this restriction is removed.
Prior to this update, the 'fsadm' script issued an error message about not being able to resize the just unmounted file system because it required the 'force' option to be used. With this update, the 'force' option is not needed anymore and the script proceeds and successfully resizes the file system.
This update adds support for using multiple "--addtag" and "--deltag" arguments within a single command.
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated lvm2 packages, which resolve these issues and add this enhancement.