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B.51.3. RHBA-2010:0849 — lvm2 bug fix update

Updated lvm2 packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The lvm2 packages contain support for Logical Volume Management (LVM).
Bug Fixes
This update avoids data corruption caused by a failure to detect that a filesystem being resized with 'fsadm' (or lvresize/lvreduce --resizefs) is mounted. The update also fixes various other problems in 'fsadm' including incorrect handling of user's break action, inconsistent processing of the '--dry-run' option, missing support for correctly passing the '--yes' option, and incorrect handling of the 'LVM_BINARY' environment variable.
Under some circumstances, creating cluster mirrors with the '--nosync' option could cause I/O to become extremely slow. Note that this issue only effected I/O immediately after the creation of the mirror, and only when '--nosync' was used. With this update, I/O no longer runs slow in the aforementioned case.
Previously, the limit for tags section in metadata was 4096 characters. When this limit was exceeded, the VG metadata were corrupted. With this update, the limitation has been removed and the limit is given by metadata size only.
Previously, a limit for maximum output length in reporting functions (vgs, lvs) caused problems while using a large set of tags. With this update, the output lines in these reports are now limited by available memory only.
All users of lvm2 are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.