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B.58. nss_db

An updated nss_db package that fixes a bug is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Extended Update Support.
The nss_db package contains a set of C library extensions which allow Berkeley Databases to be used as a primary source of aliases, groups, hosts, networks, protocols, users, services, or shadow passwords instead of, or in addition to, using flat files or NIS (Network Information Service).
Bug Fix
When a module does not provide its own method for retrieving a user's list of supplemental group memberships, the libc library's default method is used instead to get that information by examining all of the groups known to the module. Consequently, applications which attempted to retrieve the information from multiple threads simultaneously, interfered with each other and each received an incomplete result set. This update provides a module-specific method which prevents this interference in the nss_db module.
Users of nss_db are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes this bug.