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19.2. Verifying Temporary(/tmp) Space

According to Oracle's documentation, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) requires up to 400 MB of free space in the /tmp directory.
To check the space in /tmp, run:
$ df /tmp
If you do not have enough space in the /tmp file system, you can temporarily create a tmp directory in another file system. Here is how you can do this:
su - root
mkdir /<AnotherFilesystem> /tmp
chown root.root /<AnotherFilesystem> /tmp
chmod 1777 /<AnotherFilesystem> /tmp
export TEMP=/<AnotherFilesystem>
export TMPDIR=/<AnotherFilesystem>
The TEMP=/<AnotherFilesystem> file is used by Oracle. The TMPDIR=/<AnotherFilesystem> file is used by Linux programs like the linker "ld". Note as well <AnotherFilesystem> should be adjusted to fit your filesystem. When you are done with the Oracle installation, shut down Oracle and remove the temporary /tmp directory:
su - root
rmdir /<AnotherFilesystem>/tmp
unset TEMP
unset TMPDIR