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27.2. Shutdown of other Oracle 10g Background Processes

If you installed a pre-configured database using OUI, then several Oracle background processes are now running on your server. Execute the following command to see the background processes:
ps -ef
To shutdown the Oracle background processes after an Oracle Database 10g installation, you can execute the following commands:
  • iSQL*Plus
    To stop iSQL*Plus, run:
    su - oracle
    isqlplusctl stop
  • Database Management Processes
    During the installation of Oracle 10g, OUI offered two Database Management Options:
    If you selected "Database Control for Database Management", then the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control (Database Control) can be shutdown with the following command which stops both the agent and the Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) management service:
    su - oracle
    emctl stop dbconsole
    If you selected "Grid Control for Database Management" which is used for full "Grid Control" installations, then the Oracle Management Agent (standalone agent) for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (Grid Control) can be stopped with the following command:
    su - oracle
    emctl stop agent
  • Oracle Net Listener
    To stop the listener, run:
    su - oracle
    lsnrctl stop
  • Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS)
    To shutdown Oracle Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS) daemon, run:
    su - root
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/init.cssd stop