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35.3. Patching Oracle Intelligent Agent on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

When you run "agentctl start" (Oracle, dbsnmp will crash:
$ su - oracle
$ agentctl start

DBSNMP for Linux: Version - Production on 07-JAN-2004 19:11:14

Copyright (c) 2003 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Starting Oracle Intelligent Agent.../u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156:  1855 Segmentation fault      nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $*
/u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156:  1868 Segmentation fault      nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
/u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156:  1880 Segmentation fault      nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
/u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156:  1892 Segmentation fault      nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
To resolve this problem, apply the patch from, search for 3238244 to see the bug and patch information.
Before you apply the patch, make sure the instance is down!
Make sure the opatch script appears in your $PATH. To verify if opatch is in your $PATH, run the following commands:
$ su - oracle
$ which opatch
Please note, the patch needs "fuser" which should be located in /sbin, if it is not you will need to install it. To apply now the patch, run:
$ su - oracle
$ unzip
$ cd 3238244
$ export PATH=$PATH:/sbin
$ opatch apply
Now you need to relink dbsnmp. This is the binary that crashed when running agentctl start. To find which makefile handles the linking of dbsnmp, you can run:
$ su - oracle
$ find $ORACLE_HOME -name "*.mk" | xargs grep -l dbsnmp
To relink dbsnmp and all associated executable files which are maintained by the makefile, run:
$ su - oracle
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/lib
$ make -f install
Now you should be able to start the agent:
$ su - oracle
$ agentctl start


Do not forget to undo the links to /usr/bin/gcc and /usr/bin/g++ if you do not need them any more. You may also want to undo the changes in /etc/ file.