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Chapter 36. Installing Oracle9i R2 ( on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

In order to install Oracle9i Release 2 (, the patch set must be applied for the Oracle database server (patch number 3948480) after the Oracle9i Release 2 ( installation. For more information, see Oracle9i Release Notes Release 2 ( for Linux x86 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Certification Update.

36.1. Installing Oracle9i R2 ( on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Before you continue, ensure all the required RPMs are installed, see Checking Packages (RPMs). Also ensure LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is set to 2.4.19 (see Setting Oracle Environments):
$ su - oracle
Now execute runInstaller:
$ su - oracle
$ /media/cdrom/runInstaller
- Welcome Screen: Click Next
- Inventory Location: Click OK
- Unix Group Name: Use "oinstall" and click Next. When asked to run /tmp/ enter the following into the command line
Then click Continue
- File Locations: Use default values
- Available Products: Select "Oracle9i Database"
- Installation Types: Select Custom since we only want to install the software for now
- Available Products: Click Next or add some more components and then click Next. - Components Locations: Accept the default values and click Next
- Privileged Operating System Groups: Use the default values: OSDBA Group = dba, OSOPER Group = dba
- Oracle Managent Server Repository: Use the default choice
- Create database: Select NO since we first need to patch the Oracle database software
- Summary: Start the Install