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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1-26Tue Apr 15 2014Jacquelynn East
Removed a paragraph in Known Issues with that is no longer an issue BZ#840471.
Revision 1-24Tue Oct 1 2013Jacquelynn East
Build for 5.10 GA.
Revision 1-20Tue May 28 2013Laura Bailey
BZ#679275 Noted fcoe-utils as a Technology Preview.
Revision 1-19Fri May 17 2013Jacquelynn East
BZ#853780 fixed typo, removed --login from scanning command, added note to explain --login use.
Revision 1-17Wed May 15 2013Jacquelynn East
BZ#820284 added warning to modprobe information.
Revision 1-16Wed Jul 11 2012Jacquelynn East
BZ#610908 added extra chapter
Revision 1-15Fri May 25 2012Jacquelynn East
BZ#784408 added extra info to procedure
Revision 1-13Thu May 24 2012Jacquelynn East
BZ#610908 Add section on changing R/W states
Revision 1-9Fri Sep 16 2011Jacquelynn East