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7.6. Removing Lost Physical Volumes from a Volume Group

If you lose a physical volume, you can activate the remaining physical volumes in the volume group with the --partial argument of the vgchange command. You can remove all the logical volumes that used that physical volume from the volume group with the --removemissing argument of the vgreduce command.
It is recommended that you run the vgreduce command with the --test argument to verify what you will be destroying.
Like most LVM operations, the vgreduce command is reversible in a sense if you immediately use the vgcfgrestore command to restore the volume group metadata to its previous state. For example, if you used the --removemissing argument of the vgreduce command without the --test argument and find you have removed logical volumes you wanted to keep, you can still replace the physical volume and use another vgcfgrestore command to return the volume group to its previous state.