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C.2. Host Tags

In a cluster configuration, you can define host tags in the configuration files. If you set hosttags = 1 in the tags section, a host tag is automatically defined using the machine's hostname. This allow you to use a common configuration file which can be replicated on all your machines so they hold identical copies of the file, but the behavior can differ between machines according to the hostname.
For information on the configuration files, see Appendix B, The LVM Configuration Files.
For each host tag, an extra configuration file is read if it exists: lvm_hosttag.conf. If that file defines new tags, then further configuration files will be appended to the list of files to read in.
For example, the following entry in the configuration file always defines tag1, and defines tag2 if the hostname is host1.
tags { tag1 { }  tag2 { host_list = ["host1"] } }