Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Chapter 1. Introduction

This guide explains how to use international languages supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. It explains how to:
  • install the packages that are required to support your language, such as fonts to display its characters and input methods.
  • set the language so that used applications will run and appear in the chosen language.
  • configure the keyboard in order to input your language correctly.
  • use the SCIM input method for Asian languages.
The next chapter introduces language support installation during and after installation. Chapter 3 describes how to change your default language while chapter 4 discusses keyboard installation and configuration. System documentation is discussed in chapter 5. Adding fonts is discussed in chapter 6 while chapter 7 describes how to use the Smart Common Input Method. Chapter 8 describes how to write in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indic languages. In chapter 9 advanced topics discussed include using the iconv and iconvmv tools. Language support in shipped applications including Firefox Evolution and gedit, the Gnome text editor are discussed in chapter 10.