Chapter 1. Introduction

This guide explains how to use international languages supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. It explains how to:
  • install the packages that are required to support your language, such as fonts to display its characters and input methods.
  • set the language so that used applications will run and appear in the chosen language.
  • configure the keyboard in order to input your language correctly.
  • use the SCIM input method for Asian languages.
The next chapter introduces language support installation during and after installation. Chapter 3 describes how to change your default language while chapter 4 discusses keyboard installation and configuration. System documentation is discussed in chapter 5. Adding fonts is discussed in chapter 6 while chapter 7 describes how to use the Smart Common Input Method. Chapter 8 describes how to write in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indic languages. In chapter 9 advanced topics discussed include using the iconv and iconvmv tools. Language support in shipped applications including Firefox Evolution and gedit, the Gnome text editor are discussed in chapter 10.