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10.2. Language support in Evolution

Evolution is a communications tool that helps you manage your emails, address book, tasks and multiple calendars.
If you wish to write an email in a supported preferred language, open a mail composition window for a new mail or click on reply or forward for an existing email. To change the encoding of your mail, select Edit > Character encoding and choose the language encoding that you wish to send the message in. You can set the default encoding for messages you receive and send by selecting in the main window Edit > Preferences, then select the Mail Preferences or Composer Preferences sections. These contain a Default character encoding list from which you can select your preferred character encoding. If you are unsure which encoding to use, select UTF-8, which offers the greatest range of character displays for the greatest range of languages.
More information on Language support for Evolution can be found on the application's documentation which can be obtained by pressing F1 while the application window is active. You can also click on the Help menu item and selecting Contents F1 from the list of options.