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9.2. Using the convmv tool

The convmv is a tool for converting the character-set encoding of file names. It is particularly useful for converting file names encoded in a legacy charset encoding such as ISO-8859 to UTF-8, or EUC to UTF-8. Please ensure you install the convmv package to use this tool. The following are examples of options available using the convmv tool.
  • List character-set encoding names:
    convmv --l
convmv runs in test mode by default, one needs to use the --notest option for the changes to be actually effected.
  • Convert ISO8859-1 (legacy Western European) filenames in directory DIR to UTF-8
    convmv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf8 DIR
  • Similarly, convert EUCJP filenames in DIR to UTF-8
    convmv -f euc-jp -t utf8 DIR
See the convmv (1) manpage for more details.