Appendix A. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Revision History
Revision 3.1-46Thu Sep 11 2014Petr Bokoč
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 GA release of the Installation Guide
Revision 3.1-45Mon Jun 30 2014Petr Bokoč
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta release of the Installation Guide
Revision 3.1-44Mon Jun 30 2014Petr Bokoč
Updated the description of the network Kickstart command - BZ#1023106
Added an admonition about migration of root file system from singlepath to multipath storage being unsupported - BZ#1005029
Revision 3.1-43Thu Jul 11 2013Petr Bokoč
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 GA release of the Installation Guide
Revision 3.1-42Thu Jul 11 2013Petr Bokoč
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 Beta release of the Installation Guide
Revision 3.1-39Tue Apr 23 2013Jack Reed
Added author attributions to start of guide
Revision 3.1-38Tue Apr 23 2013Jack Reed
Clarified purpose of autostep kickstart argument - BZ#667560
Clarified wording of --trust option in firewall kickstart argument - BZ#813385
Corrected syntax for cdrom installation method parameter - BZ#855371
Noted that read-only devices must be specified with ignoredisk argument in kickstart installations - BZ#870450
Revision 3.1-37Mon Jan 7 2013Jack Reed
Clerical update and final build for 5.9 GA
Revision 3.1-36Mon Jan 7 2013Jack Reed
Version for 5.9 GA release
Revision 3.1-35Wed Oct 31 2012Jack Reed
Removing admonition titles in subscription chapter
Revision 3.1-34Wed Oct 31 2012Jack Reed
Updating registration and subscription chapter - BZ#871507
Revision 3.1-33Wed Sep 12 2012Jack Reed
Rebuilding for 5.9 Beta
Revision 3.1-32Thu Sep 06 2012Jack Reed
Beta Release
Revision 3.1-30Tue Aug 14 2012Jack Reed
Added size limit for ext3 - BZ#843305
Revision 3.1-26Fri Feb 02 2012Jack Reed
Updated FTP/HTTP installation prep procedure - BZ#240455
Corrected typos - BZ#766441, BZ#676559
Revision 3.1-24Fri Nov 18 2011Jack Reed
Explained values for pv.<id> in part and volgroup kickstart options - BZ#601834
Corrected current version number for display in the book - BZ#748681
Revision 3.1-22Wed Nov 9 2011Jack Reed
Updated clarification about packages during upgrade - BZ#748681
Improved screen output formatting in section 34.5 - BZ#752273
Revision 3.1-21Fri Nov 4 2011Jack Reed
Added home partition recommendation — BZ#747164
Clarified that third-party packages may not function properly after upgrade — BZ#748681
Added --label= directive to part or partition kickstart option — BZ#749693
Revision 3.1-20Thu Oct 13 2011Jack Reed
Added admonition regarding boot USB names — BZ#745665
Revision 3.1-19Thu Sep 29 2011Jack Reed
Added admonition to Adding PXE Hosts section — BZ#660316
Fixed dead links in chapter 25 — BZ#604871
Revision 3.1-18Fri Sep 23 2011Jack Reed
Added section on deregistering from entitlement platforms — BZ#604871
Revision 3.1-17Mon Sep 19 2011Jack Reed
Noted only one IP address accepted in PXE installation — BZ#660316
Edited and removed figures from System z text mode installation section — BZ#718948
Revision 3.1-16Thu Jul 21 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Fix ordering of kickstart options — BZ#701378
Describe default behavior of --ethtool option — BZ#674475
Fix typo — BZ#317221
Correction about RAID setup with IPR card on PPC — BZ#683620
Document supplied redhat.exe REXX script — BZ#559969
Revision 3.1-15Fri Jun 10 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Document noeject option — BZ#668995
Revision 3.1-14Mon Apr 11 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Typo in script — RT3#104480
Revision 3.1-13Thu Jan 6 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Correct instructions to create USB bootable media — BZ#317221
Revision 3.1-12Wed Jan 5 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Correct pxeos example — BZ#243098
Revision 3.1-11Wed Jan 5 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Clarify pxeos details — BZ#243098
Revision 3.1-10Wed Jan 5 2011Rüdiger Landmann
Document using clearpart to ensure that DASDs are formatted during installation — BZ#606048
Expand documentation of multipath kickstart command — BZ#629834
Revision 3.1-9Tue Dec 21 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Update Figure 4.14. Configure ISCSI Parameters — BZ#560869
Describe --log option for Kickstart %post scriptlets — BZ#568873
Add list of package groups — BZ#577326
Correct description of Kickstart completion options — BZ#580692
Document ignordisk --only-use option — BZ#591745
Document --fsoptions for part kickstart command — BZ#600298
Fix assorted typos — BZ#653251
Revision 3.1-5Thu Oct 7 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Bump release number to build
Revision 3.1-2Mon Apr 19 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Bump release number to build
Revision 3.1-1Mon Apr 19 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Fix RAID levels in Kickstart documentation -- BZ#561979
Revision 3.1-0Tue Apr 6 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Bump version for release
Revision 3.0-23Tue Apr 6 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Fix some broken links -- BZ#561247
Update menu name from "Package Updater" to "Software Updater" -- BZ#563775
Note that Kickstart Configurator is not installed by default -- BZ#564257
Document "specify installation key" option for Kickstart Configurator -- BZ#564262
Update version number throughout doc -- BZ#564265
Added descriptions of when to use the lcs and qeth NETTYPE options for System z parm files -- BZ#576787
Update version number throughout doc -- BZ#564265
Note that /var cannot be a separate partition on network storage -- BZ#577695
Document the --passalgo option for the auth kickstart command -- BZ#578664
Document installation on multipath devices -- BZ#522856
Update Edit Interfaces screen -- BZ#560878
Revision 3.0-22Wed Mar 31 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Document nostorage kickstart option -- BZ#526630
Correct order of quotemarks in boot parameters -- BZ#526631
Document Enable network Interface screen and reverse CHAP parameters for iSCSI -- BZ#560869
Document encryption option when adding a partition -- BZ#560875
Revision 3.0-21Tue Jan 12 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Everything installations not supported -- BZ#549898
Revision 3.0-20Tue Jan 12 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Explain RAID issues BZ#486735
Revision 3.0-19Mon Jan 11 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Fix some line breaks per BZ#486735
Revision 3.0-18Mon Jan 11 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Remove nokill as a kickstart command BZ#513693
Revision 3.0-17Mon Jan 11 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Link to Red Hat Knowledgebase article on RAID 1 failures BZ#486735
Revision 3.0-16Mon Jan 11 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Document --hvargs option for bootloader kickstart command BZ#553321
Revision 3.0-15Fri Jan 8 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Update anaconda homepage BZ#486735
Remove exclamation mark from echo command BZ#486735
split /sbin/shutdown and /sbin/chkconfig examples onto separate lines BZ#486735
Revision 3.0-14Tue Dec 22 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Include note about boot time logging not available BZ#549608
Include note about global passphrases not supported BZ#549609
Revision 3.0-13Mon Dec 21 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Include reverse CHAP parameters for iscsi kickstart command BZ#525139
Revision 3.0-12Thu Dec 17 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Document iscsi and iscsiname kickstart command BZ#525139
Revision 3.0-11Wed Dec 16 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Note about improved swap performance per BZ#503878
Revision 3.0-10Fri Dec 11 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Update swap recommendations per BZ#542865
Revision 3.0-9Fri Dec 11 2009Rüdiger Landmann
correct missing entity
add standard Preface
Revision 3.0-8Fri Dec 11 2009Rüdiger Landmann
revised Legal Notice, removed restrictions
Revision 3.0-1Tue Aug 04 2009Rüdiger Landmann, Jon Masters
Numerous bug fixes, new chapters on driver updates
Revision 2.0-1Mon Jan 05 2009Don Domingo
revised Legal Notice, removed restrictions
Revision 1.0-1Fri Oct 03 2008Don Domingo
migrated to new automated build system