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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 9.0-7Mon Sep 8 2014Steven Levine
Version for 5.11 GA release
Revision 9.0-5Tue Jul 1 2014Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11
Revision 9.0-3Mon Jun 30 2014Steven Levine
Test build for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 release
Revision 8.0-7Mon Sep 30 2013Steven Levine
Version for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 GA release
Revision 8.0-5Wed Jul 10 2013Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10
Revision 8.0-4Tue May 28 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: #965843
Clarifies support issues.
Revision 8.0-3Wed May 22 2013Steven Levine
Restoring reference to extended attributes from Overview, but without reference to SELinux as per BZ#965843.
Revision 8.0-2Tue May 21 2013Steven Levine
Removing reference to SELinux attributes from Overview
Revision 7.0-3Fri Jan 4 2013Steven Levine
Version for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 GA release
Revision 7.0-2Wed Aug 29 2012Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9
Revision 6.0-3Thu Feb 16 2012Steven Levine
Release for GA of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8
Revision 6.0-2Thu Dec 15 2011Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8
Revision 6.0-1Thu Nov 10 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: #758841
Notes CLVM requirement for clustered environment.
Resolves: #736156
Adds note warning not to check a GFS2 file system at boot time.
Resolves: #750328
Corrects small typographical errors.
Revision 5.0-1Thu Jul 21 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: #664848
Updates documentation of GFS to GFS2 conversion process to clarify procedure for replacing Context-Dependent Path Names.
Resolves: #676131
Clarifies section on the withdraw function.
Resolves: #654490
Corrects minor typos.
Revision 4.0-1Thu Dec 23 2010Steven Levine
Resolves: #661519
Corrects maximum file system size numbers.
Resolves: #588374
Updates gfs2_convert documentation appendix.
Resolves: #606224
Removes relatime documentation.
Revision 3.0-2Tue Aug 3 2010Steven Levine
Resolves: #562251
Adds information about the localflocks mount option and when it may be required.
Revision 3.0-1Thu Mar 11 2010Steven Levine
Resolves: #546687
Documents features for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 release.
Resolves: #568179
Adds note clarifying support policy for single-node system.
Resolves: #562199
Adds note clarifying 16-node limitation.
Resolves: #515348
Documents new -o errors mount option.
Resolves: #573750
Documents memory requirements for fsck.gfs2.
Resolves: #574470
Clarifies issue of gfs2 requiring CLVM for Red Hat support.
Revision 2.0-1Tue Aug 18 2009Steven Levine
Resolves: #515807
Adds note clarifying that you cannot reduce the size of an existing file system.
Resolves: #480002
Adds caveat about unmounting a file system manually if you mounted it manually, adds section on bind mounting a non-GFS2 file system to a GFS2 file system, adds sample custom init script.
Resolves: #458604
Adds section on GFS2 withdraw function.
Resolves: #498292
Clarifies documentation on adding journals.
Revision 1.0-1Thu Jan 29 2009