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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Directory Options

The following lists directives which affect directories.
  • dirlist_enable — When enabled, users are allowed to view directory lists.
    The default value is YES.
  • dirmessage_enable — When enabled, a message is displayed whenever a user enters a directory with a message file. This message resides within the current directory. The name of this file is specified in the message_file directive and is .message by default.
    The default value is NO. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10, this option is set to YES in the configuration file.
  • force_dot_files — When enabled, files beginning with a dot (.) are listed in directory listings, with the exception of the . and .. files.
    The default value is NO.
  • hide_ids — When enabled, all directory listings show ftp as the user and group for each file.
    The default value is NO.
  • message_file — Specifies the name of the message file when using the dirmessage_enable directive.
    The default value is .message.
  • text_userdb_names — When enabled, text usernames and group names are used in place of UID and GID entries. Enabling this option may slow performance of the server.
    The default value is NO.
  • use_localtime — When enabled, directory listings reveal the local time for the computer instead of GMT.
    The default value is NO.