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Red Hat Enterprise Linux ships with the mod_authz_ldap module for the Apache HTTP Server. This module uses the short form of the distinguished name for a subject and the issuer of the client SSL certificate to determine the distinguished name of the user within an LDAP directory. It is also capable of authorizing users based on attributes of that user's LDAP directory entry, determining access to assets based on the user and group privileges of the asset, and denying access for users with expired passwords. The mod_ssl module is required when using the mod_authz_ldap module.


The mod_authz_ldap module does not authenticate a user to an LDAP directory using an encrypted password hash. This functionality is provided by the experimental mod_auth_ldap module. Refer to the mod_auth_ldap module documentation online at for details on the status of this module.
The /etc/httpd/conf.d/authz_ldap.conf file configures the mod_authz_ldap module.
Refer to /usr/share/doc/mod_authz_ldap-<version>/index.html (replacing <version> with the version number of the package) or for more information on configuring the mod_authz_ldap third party module.