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46.3.4. Displaying Virtual Memory Information

To display basic virtual memory information, type the vm command at the interactive prompt. You can use vm pid to display information on the selected process.

Example 46.6. Displaying virtual memory information of the current context

crash> vm
PID: 6042   TASK: f09c7000  CPU: 0   COMMAND: "bash"
   MM       PGD      RSS    TOTAL_VM
e275ee40  e2b08000  1464k    4620k  
  VMA       START      END    FLAGS  FILE
e315d764    1fe000    201000     75  /lib/
e315de9c    201000    202000 100073  /lib/
c9b040d4    318000    46a000     75  /lib/
e315da04    46a000    46c000 100071  /lib/
e315d7b8    46c000    46d000 100073  /lib/
e315de48    46d000    470000 100073  
e315dba8    9ac000    9ad000 8040075  
c9b04a04    a2f000    a4a000    875  /lib/
c9b04374    a4a000    a4b000 100871  /lib/
e315d6bc    a4b000    a4c000 100873  /lib/
e315d908    fa1000    fa4000     75  /lib/
e315db00    fa4000    fa5000 100071  /lib/
e315df44    fa5000    fa6000 100073  /lib/
e315d320    ff0000    ffa000     75  /lib/
e315d668    ffa000    ffb000 100071  /lib/
e315def0    ffb000    ffc000 100073  /lib/
e315d374   8048000   80f5000   1875  /bin/bash
c9b045c0   80f5000   80fa000 101873  /bin/bash
... several lines omitted ...
Type help vm for more information on the command usage.