69.8. RHD449: JBoss jBPM

69.8.1. Description

JBoss jBPM training is targeted for system architects and developers who work closely with business analysts and are responsible for bringing business processes into J2EE environment using jBPM as a BPM engine. In addition, The JBoss jBPM training will provide students with a thorough understanding of the BPM landscape, types of engines and positioning of the buzzwords.
Students will acquire practical hands on expertise and will be ready to start developing business processes with JBoss jBPM after the course. Another goal of the training is to provide a thorough preparation for comparing workflow engines.

69.8.2. Prerequisites

  1. The student must have previous experience developing an Hibernate application. The student must know how to configure a simple Session Factory for Hibernate, utilize a Hibernate Session and transactional demarcation and how to perform basic queries on Hibernate objects.
  2. Competency with Java application development.
  3. Previous exposure to the concepts of workflow and business process modeling (BPM) is not required
  4. Experience with JBoss Eclipse or the Eclipse IDE with the JBoss plugin is recommended but not required
  5. Basic notions of JUnit test framework is recommended.