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JBoss Advanced Hibernate training is targeted toward Java developers who wish to extract the full power of the Hibernate O/R Mapping framework. The primary target audience consists of Java developers who work with SQL-based database systems, database developers who are looking for an introduction to object-oriented software development and database administrators interested in how ORM affects performance and how to tune the performance of the SQL database management system and persistence layer. The training covers the new Hibernate 3 features.

69.4.1. Prerequisites

The prerequisite skills for this class are the following:
  1. Basic Hibernate knowledge.
  2. Competency with the Java language
  3. Knowledge of OOAD concepts
  4. Familiarity with the UML
  5. Experience with a dialect of SQL
  6. Using the JDK and creating the necessary environment for compilation and execution of a Java executable from the command line.
  7. Experience with, or comprehensive knowledge of JNDI and JDBC.
  8. Entity EJB2.1 or EJB3.0 knowledge, while not a prerequisite, is helpful.
  9. Prior reading of the book Hibernate in Action, by Christian Bauer and Gavin King (published by Manning) is recommended.
"The best part of the Advanced Hibernate course was networking with fellow engineers that had problems similar to my own, and working with a knowledgeable instructor to solve them."--Mike Pasternak, Consulting Engineer, United Switch & Signal