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69.2. RHD163 JBoss for Web Developers

JBoss for Web Developers focuses on web tier technologies in the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS) product stack. We cover details on JBoss Portal, how to create and deploy portlets, integrating portlets with other web tier frameworks such as JavaServer Faces JSF) and configuring and tuning the Tomcat web container embedded in JBoss Application Server. Familiarity with JSP and Servlet development and related specification is heavily recommended. No previous experience with Portlets or JSF is required.

69.2.1. Prerequisites

The prerequisite skills for this class are basic J2EE Web Container (Servlet/JSP) programming skills and some experience with J2EE Web-based and multi-tier application deployments on the JBoss Application Server in conjunction with the Tomcat container (whether embedded with Apache or integrated with the JBoss Application server). The student should have development experience with the following technologies:
  1. JNDI
  2. The Servlet 2.3/2.4 API
  3. The JSP 2.0 API
  4. J2EE application development and deployment on the JBoss Application Server
  5. Deployment of a Web Application on embedded (stand alone) Tomcat or on integrated Tomcat (JBossWeb)
  6. A working knowledge of JDBC and EJB2.1 or EJB3.0
while not a prerequisite, is helpful.