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Chapter 59. RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

59.1. Course Description

RH253 arms students with in-depth knowledge needed to configure common Red Hat Enterprise Linux network services. Network and local security tasks are also topics of this course.

59.1.1. Prerequisites

RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration or equivalent experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, LAN/WAN fundamentals or equivalent, internetworking with TCP/IP or equivalent.

59.1.2. Goal

Upon completion of this course, individuals can set up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and configure common network services and security at a basic level.

59.1.3. Audience

Linux or UNIX system administrators who already have some real-world experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems administration, want a first course in networking services and security, and want to build skills at configuring common network services and security administration using Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

59.1.4. Course Objectives

  1. Networking services on Red Hat Linux server-side setup, configuration, and basic administration of common networking services: DNS, NIS, Apache, SMB, DHCP, Sendmail, FTP. Other common services: tftp, pppd, proxy.
  2. Introduction to security
  3. Developing a security policy
  4. Local security
  5. Files and filesystem security
  6. Password security
  7. Kernel security
  8. Basic elements of a firewall
  9. Red Hat Linux-based security tools
  10. Responding to a break-in attempt
  11. Security sources and methods
  12. Overview of OSS security tools

59.1.5. Follow-on Courses

RH302 RHCE Certification Exam
"This course was excellent. The teacher was fantastic—his depth of knowledge is amazing."——Greg Peters, Future Networks USA