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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 11-1Tue 30 Jun 2015Barbora Ančincová
Updated the book with information about the POODLE vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566).
Revision 11-0Fri 12 Sep 2014Barbora Ančincová
Resolve BZ#1121893: RHEL 5 Deployment Guide - Bonding Options - regarding max_bonds and debug options.
Resolve BZ#1104152: Insecure way of generating swapfile is proposed in our documentation.
Revision 10-0Tue 01 Oct 2013Jaromír Hradílek
Resolve BZ#853938: RFE: The proc File System: Document restricting access to /proc/<PID>.
Resolve BZ#826891: RFE: Yum: Provide a procedure to upgrade systems with "yum update" using RHEL Installation ISO image.
Resolve BZ#961815: Document migration mysql5.1->mysql5.5.
Revision 9-6Tue Jan 08 2013Jaromír Hradílek
Resolve BZ#810514: RFE: Document the Ext4 File System.
Resolve BZ#216687: RFE: Postfix - a standard, FHS-compliant place for virtual user mailboxes.
Resolve BZ#816177: RFE: Postfix MySQL map support.
Resolve BZ#810512: MinorMod: Automated Tasks: default log rotation cronjob causes problems in a RHEV shared storage environment.
Resolve BZ#840000: Kdump hangs on CCISS module loading on RHEL 5.8 - HP Proliant DL380 G6 (Smartarray 410i).
Resolve BZ#852604: Kdump failed with intel_iommu=on.
Resolve BZ#847292: MajorMod: Network Interfaces: Static routes and default gateway are interface-specific?
Resolve BZ#821302: Documentation of NFS restrictions for secure nfs mounts work over TCP/UDP.
Resolve BZ#852372: Deployment Guide References $ISA in PAM sections.
Resolve BZ#713417: /root is labelled system_u:object_r:default_t:s0 after switching to MLS.
Resolve BZ#821225: No information about, amount of RAM to reserve for kdump kernel in the documentation.
Revision 8-0Tue Feb 21 2012Jaromír Hradílek
Resolve BZ#749948: [Release Notes and Deployment Guide] Migration tooling from RHN Classic to Cert-based RHN for RHEL 5.
Resolve BZ#718608: MinorMod: FTP: Missing text fragment in vsftpd configuration documentation.
Resolve BZ#720387: MinorMod: The proc File System: Illogical parameter description.
Resolve BZ#720860: Update Deployment (Guide) in RHEL5 Build Tree.
Resolve BZ#760925: MinorMod: Network File System: Severely suboptimal timeo option in NFS mount examples (for TCP).
Resolve BZ#784754: MinorMod: Network Interfaces: typo - wrong tense in 15.3. Interface Control Scripts.
Resolve BZ#740916: MinorMod: The kdump Crash Recovery Service: Incorrect description of the crashkernel parameter.
Resolve BZ#767105: incorrect default action in kdump part.
Resolve BZ#714080: debug option for bonding can not be used in BONDING_OPTS in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bondX.
Resolve BZ#769776: Documentation needs to be updated for "default shell" option in /etc/kdump.conf.
Resolve BZ#781441: /etc/securetty documentation is incorrect [rhel-5.7].
Revision 7-0Thu Jul 21 2011Jaromír Hradílek
Resolve BZ#720382: MinorMod: Network Interfaces: LINKDELAY parameter needs to be added to "Interface Configuration Files".
Resolve BZ#632028: MajorMod: Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID): Document mdadm Usage.
Resolve BZ#720009: MinorMod: LVM: Update screenshots in the "Manual LVM Partitioning" section.
Resolve BZ#711162: MinorMod: Network Interfaces: Incorrect static routes configuration.
Resolve BZ#707238: broadcast is calculated with ipcalc, not ifcalc.
Resolve BZ#678316: HOTPLUG network config file option is not documented.
Resolve BZ#562018: Ch.4 Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) - screenshots need updating.
Resolve BZ#485033: iptables -p ALL --dport not allowed according to man 8 iptables.
Revision 6-0Thu Jan 13 2011Jaromír Hradílek
Resolve BZ#249485: 'fsid=num' is listed under NFS client options, but it is a server-only option.
Resolve BZ#253659: additional commands required when adding machines to domain.
Resolve BZ#453242: guide does not tell you which packages you need to run an NFS server.
Resolve BZ#504250: cell should have newline characters, it shouldn't be all on one line.
Resolve BZ#520650: /proc/loadavg documentation error.
Resolve BZ#584075: vsftp typo for text_userdb_names.
Resolve BZ#625384: bonding configuration SLAVE=bond0 is invalid.
Resolve BZ#644617: misspelled word.
Resolve BZ#645123: spelling Errors in Deployment Guide II.
Resolve BZ#595366: RFE: document Shared Subtrees.
Revision 5-0Thu July 30 2010Douglas Silas
Resolve BZ#239313: document oom_adj and oom_score.
Resolve BZ#526502: correct quotaon instructions with proper, safe operating procedures.
Resolve BZ#551367: correct SELinux dhcpd_disable_trans description.
Resolve BZ#521215: clarify NFS interaction with portmapper, rpc.mountd, rpc.lockd and rpc.statd.
Resolve BZ#453875: various OpenSSH chapter corrections.
Resolve BZ#455162: correct zone example configuration file, description.
Resolve BZ#460767: make it a proper daemon.
Resolve BZ#600702: correct directories used for SSL key generation.
Revision 4-2Wed Sep 30 2009Douglas Silas, Jaromír Hradílek, Martin Prpic
Change heading titles to correspond with actual headings used in 'man rpm'.
Resolve BZ#499053: /usr/sbin/racoon is correct install path.
Remove any mention of 'pkgpolicy' in /etc/yum.conf as per BZ#237773.
Resolve BZ#455162: correct example zone file with regard to records, description.
Resolve BZ#510851: /proc/cmdline has confusing descriptions of sample output.
Resolve BZ#510847: page with multiple footnotes formatted incorrectly in online PDF.
Resolve BZ#214326: more detailed usage info concerning vsftpd banners and secueerity.
Resolve BZ#241314: formatting problems in screen elements.
Resolve BZ#466239: postfix connect-from-remote-host configuration fix.
Revision 4-1Mon Sep 14 2009Douglas Silas
Resolve BZ#214326: Server Security FTP Banner instructions: questions re: vsftpd.conf.
Resolve BZ#466239: insert line into Postfix config file to allow connecting remotely.
Resolve BZ#499053: path for racoon daemon is /usr/sbin/racoon, not /sbin/racoon.
Resolve BZ#510847: missing footnotes in PDF output.
Resolve BZ#510851: rewrite /proc/cmdline minor section to make more sense.
Resolve BZ#515613: correct location of RHEL5 GPG keys and key details.
Resolve BZ#523070: various minor fixes; --redhatprovides to rpm -q --whatprovides.
Revision 4-0Wed Sep 02 2009Douglas Silas
Resolve BZ#492539: "This directive is useful..." to "This directive must be used in machines containing more than one NIC to ensure...".
Resolve BZ#241314: re: kernel-pae and hugemem support on RHEL 4 and 5.
Resolve BZ#453071: incorrect tag use led to config files and other screen elements being displayed on single lines.
Resolve BZ#507987: clarify and correct statements about partitions being in use while resizing or removing.
Resolve BZ#462550: recommended amount of swap space, according to
Resolve BZ#466239: line omitted from Postfix configuration meant connecting remotely failed
Resolving other MODIFIED BZs (fixed previously): 468483, 480324, 481246, 481247, 438823, 454841, 485187, 429989, 452065, 453466.
Revision 3-0Wed Jan 28 2009Michael Hideo Smith
Resolves: #460981
Changing 64GB *tested* support to support for 16GB.