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3.8. Adding Cluster Resources

To add a cluster resource, follow the steps in this section. The starting point of the procedure is at the cluster-specific page that you navigate to from Choose a cluster to administer displayed on the cluster tab.
  1. At the detailed menu for the cluster (below the clusters menu), click Resources. Clicking Resources causes the display of resources in the center of the page and causes the display of menu items for resource configuration: Add a Resource and Configure a Resource.
  2. Click Add a Resource. Clicking Add a Resource causes the Add a Resource page to be displayed.
  3. At the Add a Resource page, click the drop-down box under Select a Resource Type and select the type of resource to configure. Appendix C, HA Resource Parameters describes resource parameters.
  4. Click Submit. Clicking Submit causes a progress page to be displayed followed by the display of Resources forcluster name page. That page displays the added resource (and other resources).