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Appendix H. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 10.0-8Mon Sep 8 2014Steven Levine
Version for 5.11 GA release
Revision 10.0-5Mon Jun 30 2014Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11
Revision 10.0-3Tue Jun 10 2014Steven Levine
Resolves: #571695
Notes that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 supports bonding mode 1 only.
Resolves: #480291
Improves document index
Resolves: #1092636
Adds description of Startup Wait parameter to description of PostgreSQL 8 fields.
Revision 10.0-2Wed Apr 30 2014Steven Levine
Latest draft for RHEL 5.11 release
Revision 9.0-6Mon Sep 30 2013Steven Levine
Version for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 GA release
Revision 9.0-5Wed Jul 10 2013Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10
Revision 9.0-4Tue May 28 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: #960841
Documents need to set SELinux booleans for fence_xvm fencing agent operation.
Revision 9.0-3Tue May 21 2013Steven Levine
Incorporating review comment re: note about SELinux.
Revision 9.0-1Mon May 20 2013Steven Levine
Clarifies usage of SELinux with virtual machines.
Revision 8.0-6Fri Jan 4 2013Steven Levine
Version for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 GA release
Revision 8.0-5Wed Sep 26 2012Steven Levine
Fixing typographical error
Revision 8.0-3Wed Aug 29 2012Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9
Resolves: #823649
Documents new attribute for file system resource agents to set NFS workarounds.
Revision 8.0-1Tue Jul 31 2012Steven Levine
Resolves: #742312
Documents support for IBM iPDU Fence Device
Resolves: #757902
Documents backup and restore of luci configuration using luci_admin command.
Resolves: #838154
Documents virtual machine resource configuration.
Resolves: #831343
Updates descriptions of luci fields and screens.
Resolves: #838131
Documents SSL attribute for HP iLO fence device.
Resolves: #712379
Adds an appendix on configuring high availability LVM.
Revision 7.0-3Thu Feb 16 2012Steven Levine
Release for GA of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8
Resolves: #712376
Adds information on disabling cluster software.
Resolves: #712387
Adds information on stopping single resources of a cluster.
Resolves: #712593
Adds appendix on consensus timeout.
Resolves: #626495
Adds note on single site cluster support.
Revision 7.0-2Thu Dec 15 2011Steven Levine
Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8
Revision 7.0-1Thu Nov 10 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: #571557
Adds note on managing virtual machines in a cluster.
Resolves: #742310
Documents new privilege level parameter for IPMI fence device.
Resolves: #747456
Corrects small typographical errors throughout document.
Resolves: #748935
Clarifies description of iptables firewall filters.
Resolves: #718084
Provides link to Support Essentials article.
Resolves: #749858
Documents support for RHEV-M REST API fence agent.
Resolves: #569585
Clarifies support statement for running Samba in a cluster.
Revision 6.0-1Thu Jul 21 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: #713256
Documents new fence_vmware_soap agent.
Resolves: #446137
Documents procedure to configure a system to listen to luci from the internal network only.
Resolves: #515858
Provides information about cluster service status check and failover timeout.
Resolves: #560558
Provides rules to allow multicast traffic for cluster comunication
Resolves: #705131
Updates tables of fence agent parameters to reflect Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 support.
Resolves: #705134
Documents non-critical resources and restart-disable configuration parameter.
Resolves: #480292
Adds pointer to cluster.conf schema in documentation of resource parameters.
Resolves: #515860
Updates example domains.
Resolves: #595711
Fixes minor typographical errors.
Resolves: #654176
Fixes minor typographical errors.
Resolves: #675809
Fixes incorrect table title reference.
Revision 5.0-1Thu Dec 23 2010Steven Levine
Resolves: #664055
Adds newly-supported fence agents to Fence Device Parameters appendix.
Revision 4.0-1Mon Mar 15 2010Paul Kennedy
Resolves: #511150
Clarifies support for SELinux.
Resolves: #527473
Adds information about cluster node-count limit.
Resolves: #568179
Adds information about support of and GFS/GFS2 deployment.
Resolves: #568483
Adds general support statement.
Resolves: #526540
Clarifies meaning of Name parameter for fencing devices.
Revision 3.0-1Tue Aug 18 2009Paul Kennedy
Resolves: #516128
Adds notes about not supporting IPV6.
Resolves: #482936
Corrects Section 5.7 title and intro text.
Resolves: #488751
Corrects iptables rules. Removed examples.
Resolves: #502053
Corrects iptables rules for rgmanager.
Resolves: #511150
Adds content stating that SELinux must be disabled for Red Hat Cluster Suite.
Resolves: #513072
Adds information about limitations on using SCSI reservations as a fencing method.
Revision 2.0-1Tue Jan 20 2009Paul Kennedy
Resolves: #458882
Explains Firewall settings for multicast address.
Resolves: #450777
Includes content about configuring failover domains to not fail back a service (an added feature).
Revision 1.0-1Wed May 21 2008Michael Hideo Smith
Resolves: #232215
Changing from XML to HTML Single with floating Table of Contents and viewable by browser