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4.178. system-config-cluster

An updated system-config-cluster package that fixes several bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The system-config-cluster package contains system-config-cluster, a utility that allows you to graphically manage cluster configuration.

Bug Fixes

When a cluster service with the "__independent_subtree" attribute was edited, this attribute was stripped after saving the cluster configuration using the system-config-cluster utility. This bug has been fixed and the "__independent_subtree" attribute is no longer removed from services in this situation.
BZ#808498, BZ#824451
The cluster schema bundled with the system-config-cluster utility was missing the "suborg" attribute for fence_cisco_ucs, and the following attributes for fence_ipmilan: "cipher", "privlvl", "delay", "power_wait", and "timeout". As a consequence, any cluster configuration that included these attributes failed validation. This update adds the missing attributes to the cluster schema.
The system-config-cluster utility did not allow users to configure fencing when an unknown fencing device which was supported by the cluster, but not by system-config-cluster was defined in the cluster configuration. Consequently, having such a fence device in the cluster.conf file caused system-config-cluster to produce a non-fatal traceback and refuse to show any configuration options for that device, or for fencing devices in general. This bug has been fixed and system-config-cluster works as expected in such a case.
All users are advised to upgrade to this updated system-config-cluster package, which fixes these bugs.