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4.143. python-rhsm

Updated python-rhsm packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The python-rhsm packages provide a library for communicating with the representational state transfer (REST) interface of Red Hat's subscription and content service. The Subscription Management tools use this interface to manage system entitlements, certificates, and content access.

Bug Fixes

BZ#806958, BZ#830767, BZ#842885
Prior to this update, the python-rhsm library used unimplemented methods in certain error classes. As a consequence, messages contained a traceback obscuring actual error messages. This update implements the missing methods in the error classes. Now, the error message is reported as expected.
Prior to this update, malformed requests were sent to the content delivery network (CDN). As a consequence, clients could not get a list of releases. This update modifies the underlying code to format the requests to CDN as expected. Now, clients can get a list of releases.
Prior to this update, the httplib library used the default timeout setting of several minutes. As a consequence, clients that used the python-rhsm library appeared to be suspended. This update shortens the default setting for the timeout to 60 seconds.
Prior to this update, the python-rhsm library did not support arbitrary bit length certificate serial numbers. As a consequence, certificates could be created with incorrect file names. This update supports arbitrary length certificate serial numbers to ensure that certificates are created with the correct file name.
Prior to this update, the python-rhsm library did not decode logging messages using the Japanese locale as expected. As a consequence, python-rhsm logged tracebacks instead of messages. This update configures python-rhsm to handle messages in the Japanese locale correctly.
Prior to this update, post data was set as "None" due to an invalid "if" statement. As a consequence, python-rhsm failed to set an empty JSON structure as the body of the request. This update modifies the "if" statement to explicitly check that the data is not "None". Now, empty mapping of hypervisors can pass as expected and is correctly sent to candlepin.
All users of python-rhsm are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.