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4.101. man-pages-overrides

Updated man-pages-overrides packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The man-pages-overrides package contains a collection of manual pages to complement other packages or update those contained therein.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the size of the buffer "entry" for the readdir_r() function was undocumented in the readdir(3) manual page. Consequently, a buffer overflow in user programs could occur. With this update, the readdir(3) manual page has been backported from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. As a result, the documentation of the readdir() and readdir_r() functions is now more accurate.
Previously, the proper usage of the IPv6 addresses was not described in the ssh(1), scp(1), sftp(1) and sshd(8) manual pages. This update adapts these manual pages to reduce the possible ambiguity in the IPv6 address notation.
Prior to this update, the vpdupdate(8) manual page did not contain any description of the "-a", "-s" and "-v" options. The manual page has been updated and the aforementioned options are now documented properly.
The nscd.conf(5) manual page was missing some descriptions and contained several duplicate entries. With this update, the text has been clarified and redundant entries have been removed.
Previously, the nsswitch.conf(5) manual page lacked information on the search mechanism, particularly about the "notfound" status. This update adds this information to the manual page.
Prior to this update, the behavior of the connect() call with the local address set to INADDR_ANY was insufficiently described in the ip(7) manual page. Possible duplication of the local port after the call was not acknowledged. With this update, the documentation has been reworked in order to reflect the behavior of the connect() call correctly.
Due to a vague description of the getdents() call in the getdents(2) manual page, the risk of using this call directly was not clear enough. The description has been extended with a warning to prevent incorrect usage of the getdents() call.
Previously, the "-q" option of the scp program was insufficiently described in the scp(1) manual page. Part of its functionality was not mentioned, which could lead to unwanted results. The description has been extended and now provides a full characteristic of the "-q" option.
All users of man-pages-overrides are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.