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4.86. libtalloc

Updated libtalloc packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The libtalloc packages provide a library that implements a hierarchical memory allocator with destructors.


The libtalloc packages have been upgraded to upstream version 2.0.7, which provides a number of bug fixes over the previous version. (BZ#855862)

Bug Fix

BZ#837853, BZ#855387
The talloc() hierarchical allocator did not ensure that the child pointers of a pointer did not become invalid during memory freeing operation. Consequently, processes that use the talloc library, such as the spoolss process of samba, could have terminated with a segmentation fault. The underlying source code has been modified and talloc() no longer causes Samba to fail in this situation.
All libtalloc users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.