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4.65. ipsec-tools

Updated ipsec-tools packages that fix two bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The ipsec-tools packages contain configuration and management tools for the IPsec protocol.

Bug Fixes

Under certain circumstances, the racoon daemon terminated unexpectedly due to referencing a NULL pointer when writing to the system log. The update ensures that the NULL pointer is never referenced by racoon in this scenario, thus fixing this bug.
When using the setkey command to dump the pfkey database, the setkey command could decrease the size of a kernel buffer that is used to send the data. Consequently, the dumped database was incomplete and the operation failed with an error in the recv() function. With this update, setkey never decreases the kernel buffer size, thus preventing this bug.
All users of ipsec-tools are advised to upgrade to these updated package, which fix these bugs.