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4.51. grub

Updated grub packages that fix three bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The GRUB utility is responsible for booting the operating system kernel.

Bug Fixes

The grub documentation contained incorrect information about the planned but unimplemented "grub-set-default" command; the "savedefault" command has been implemented instead, providing similar functionality. This update corrects the grub documentation that now reflect only those commands which have been implemented in GRUB.
Prior to this update, the "grub-install" command was matching only against one letter after the "sd" string in the disk's device path name. Consequently, disks named "sdaa" and higher were not recognized as disks. The matching expression has been changed and now the "grub-install" command matches against any number of reasonable characters after the "sd" string in the disk's device path name.
Previously, the number of disks was hard-coded to a maximum of 8. As a consequence, no more than 8 devices could be used. This update has changed the definition of allowed disks to a maximum of 128 and now up to 128 devices can be used.
All users of GRUB are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.