Chapter 9. Virtualization

Inclusion of, and Guest Installation Support for, Microsoft Hyper-V Drivers

Integrated Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest installation, and Hyper-V para-virtualized device support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 on Microsoft Hyper-V allows users to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 as a guest on top of Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. The following Hyper-V drivers and a clock source have been added to the kernel shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9:

  • a network driver (hv_netvsc)
  • a storage driver (hv_storvsc)
  • an HID-compliant mouse driver (hid_hyperv)
  • a VMbus driver (hv_vmbus)
  • a util driver (hv_util)
  • a clock source (i386: hyperv_clocksource, AMD64/Intel 64: HYPER-V timer)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 also includes a guest Hyper-V Key-Value Pair (KVP) daemon (hypervkvpd) that passes basic information, such as the guest IP, the FQDN, OS name, and OS release number, to the host through VMbus.