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Chapter 1. Hardware Support

mstflint Support for ConnectX-3 devices

The mstflint package, which provides Mellanox firmware burning and diagnostics tools, now includes support for Mellanox ConnectX-3 devices.

smartmontools Support for HP Smart Array controllers and MegaRAID

The smartmontools package, which provides tools for monitoring SMART-capable hard drives, has been upgraded to add support for HP Smart Array controllers. This update also adds improved MegaRAID support.

ipmitool delloem Commands Upgraded

The Dell-specific IPMI extension, which adds the delloem subcommand to the ipmitool utility, has been updated to include the following enhancements:

  • A new vFlash command, which allows users to display information about extended SD cards.
  • A new setled command, which allows users to display the backplane LED status.
  • Improved error descriptions.
  • Added support for new hardware.
  • Updated documentation of the ipmitool delloem commands in the ipmitool manual page.
Updated configuration for NetApp LUNs

The NetApp LUN built-in configuration now uses the tur path checker by default. Also the following hardware table parameters have been updated:

  • flush_on_last_del has been enabled,
  • dev_loss_tmo has been set to 600,
  • fast_io_fail_tmo has been set to 5,
  • and pg_init_retries has been set to 50.