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3.11. RHEA-2012:0222 — new packages: unixODBC64

New unixODBC64 packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The unixODBC64 packages contain a library for use by programs that use the ODBC standard to connect to database servers. The unixODBC64 package provides a newer version of the ODBC manager library than is provided in the existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 unixODBC package.
This enhancement update adds the new unixODBC64 package to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. (BZ#742597)
Users who are not encountering ODBC compatibility issues do not need to install these packages. Users who need to interoperate with third-party ODBC drivers are advised to install unixODBC64-libs and possibly unixODBC64, and then install postgresql-odbc64 and/or mysql-connector-odbc64 if needed.