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4.194. system-config-display,

Updated system-config-display, rhpxl, and pyxf86config packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The system-config-display package contains a tool for configuring the xorg.conf file that is used by the X Window System for display configuration. The rhpxl package contains a Python library for configuring and running the X Window System. The pyxf86config package contains a Python binding to the C-language parser for the X Window System's xorg.conf file.

Bug Fixes

BZ#429949, BZ#750352
Prior to this update, running the system-config-display utility with the "--set-hsync" and "--set-vsync" command line options or setting these options in a kickstart file for Anaconda failed to create a "Monitor" section in the xorg.conf file. This update corrects this error so that the system-config-display utility now creates this section as expected.
The previous version of the system-config-display utility allowed the user to configure dual head mode regardless of the driver in use. Consequent to this, enabling dual head mode on a system with a video driver that does not support this feature (such as "nv") caused system-config-display to create a non-working configuration file. With this update, the utility has been adapted to disable dual head mode when such a driver is detected.
Previously, an incomplete dual head configuration could cause the system-config-display utility to terminate unexpectedly with a traceback. This update adapts the underlying source code to make sure that such an error no longer occurs.
All users of system-config-display, rhpxl, and pyxf86config are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.