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2.31. subscription-manager

The new Subscription Management tooling allows users to understand the specific products which have been installed on their machines, and the specific subscriptions which their machines are consuming.
  • Using Subscription Manager in the following use case fails: a user installs Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 Client CD/DVD without an installation number. A user uses Subscription Manager, which finds one Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop product ID to subscribe to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation subscription. A user downloads content from a Workstation repository.
    The use case scenario described above fails because the rhel-workstation repositories require the rhel-5-workstation product tag in the product certification beforehand in order to view them.
    To work around this issue, follow these steps:
    1. Install a rhel-5-client system.
    2. Mount the ISO to your file system.
    3. Copy <path_to_ISO>/Workstation/repodata/productid to the /etc/pki/product/ directory, making sure that the file copied ends with .pem (for example, /etc/pki/product/productid.pem)
    4. Subscribe to a Workstation subscription.
    5. Install a package from a Workstation repository.