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4.153. python-rhsm

An updated python-rhsm package that fixes several bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The python-rhsm package is a library for communicating with the REST interface of the Red Hat Unified Entitlement Platform. It provides access to the Subscription Management tools which help users to understand specific products which are installed on their machines and specific subscriptions which their machines consume.

Bug Fixes

Previously, python-rhsm wrote entitlement certificate files that were readable by all users. Consequently, all users could view the system's entitlements by looking at the files. Now, python-rhsm writes certificates that are only readable by the root user. As a result, only root is able to view system entitlements using manual certificate inspection.
The virt-who agent required new API calls to candlepin, the entitlement management system, for reporting the status of hypervisors and virtual guests. Without support in python-rhsm for these calls, virt-who would be unable to send the required information to candlepin. With this update, wrappers for these hypervisor-specific API calls have been added to python-rhsm. As a result, virt-who is able to pass hypervisor-specific information for host and guest entitlement management.
Previously, if a system was subscribed to future-dated entitlements, the "subscription-manager repos --list" command showed the future-dated entitlement's repo in the repo list. This is incorrect and could be confusing to users. This has been corrected by performing a check for future-dated entitlements while iterating over the list of available repos. Users should no longer see future-dated entitlements when using the "repos --list" command directive.
All users of python-rhsm are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.